A bandit gang of demons has appeared in a little western town, turning its residents into mind controlled puppets.

It is up to the towns sheriff to track down and defeat the four demon bosses and their minions before all mankind is enslaved.

Pick up your barkin’ irons and head out to the badlands! Find and loot chests in search of new powerful ammunition types and collect coins to unlock new characters or spend them on upgrades. Pick Wild Cards that grants extra abilities, defeat multiple enemies and chain combos to open the portal to DEMON LAND!

Wild Bullets is available for iOS and Android.

Wild Bullets is:
  • Arcade shoot-em-up action
  • Unlockable upgradeable characters
  • Semi-randomly generated levels
  • Different playmodes: Story & Arcade
  • Bouncy chiptune soundtrack
  • Designed for mobile devices
  • Made with love :D
Release date 6 June 2019
Platforms iOS / Android
Genre Arcade / Shoot em up
Developer BUN GUN
Contact hello@bun-gun.com


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